Hey, hey, for Halloween!
Then the witches shall be seen,
Some in black, and some in green,
Hey, hey, for Halloween!
You should be very careful on the night of October 31. This is the night when witches and ghosts come out!
Halloween is the most famous of witches' festivals. They ride on brooms through the midnight air to meet with the Devil. Black cats, their best friends, usually accompany them.
Poor cold ghosts come out of the lonely woods and fields and warm themselves in people's houses.
Ghosts and witches are not the only ones who come out at Halloween. From their hiding places come hundreds of demons, skeletons, goblins and other supernatural creatures.
Children in the US, Great Britain and Ireland like Halloween very much.
In the weeks before October 31, they decorate the windows of their houses and schools with pictures of witches, black cats and bats.
They make lanterns out of pumpkins. They are called jack-o'-lanterns.
Black and orange are traditional Halloween colours.
On October 31, children dress up as ghosts and witches, skeletons and Draculas, and have noisy parties.
Sometimes they go to the people's houses and ring at the door, shouting "Trick or treat!" The person who opens the door must give the children a treat — some sweets or cookies. If not, the children play a trick on them. For example, they can throw flour at the window or draw a funny picture on the door.
Halloween parties are great fun.

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