The new face of London.
With the arrival the new millennium London's face has changed. From now on, the UK's capital is going to be an even more exciting place to visit.
The observation wheel erected on the bank of the River Thames is more than double the height of Big Ben! It's called the London Eye and on a clear day you'll be able to see 7 countries from its top! The Wheel doesn't stop for passengers — instead they just walk into the large egg-shaped glass capsules while it is in motion. A full trip takes 30 minutes.
The Millennium Dome is probably the most ambitious of all millennium projects.
It's the largest building of its kind in the world. It's over 50 metres high and over 300 metres in diameter. It's as high as Nelson's Column, could swallow 2 Wembley Stadiums, 3300 double-decker buses and still have some spare room!
The Dome was designed by the architect Richard Rogers, who created the Pompidou Centre in Paris. There are 14 exhibition zones in the Dome, and each of them has something to amaze and educate everyone who visits it. In Home Planet zone, for example, you'll be able to go on a virtual trip through space.
The Millennium Bridge is a thin blade of steel with wooden decking, connecting the Tate Gallery of Modern Art on Bankside with the steps of St Paul's Cathedral. It's the first pedestrian-only bridge to be built across the Thames for more than 100 years.

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