In the 16th century a favourite toy for children of all ages was the hobbyhorse. In appearance a hobbyhorse could be as simple as a stick, or it could have a decorated wooden framework with an imitation horse's head attached.
Whether simple or elaborate, children used them for the games of the time involving war and knighthood, much as children in the early part of the 20& century played cowboys and Indians. In time the popularity of the hobbyhorse declined, but the pleasure of doing something outside the routine activities of daily life had brought a new word into the language, the word hobby, which is a shortened form of hobbyhorse.
Hobbies today include a vast range of activities. The definition that best covers all these activities is probably constructive leisure-time activities. It excludes games and leaves out purely spectator activities like watching television.
It also excludes schooling and work done to make a living. A hobby, like playing with a hobbyhorse, is an activity apart from the ordinary routines of life. It should encourage the use of creativity and imagination and bring the reward of learning. Some hobbies bring monetary rewards as well.


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