What is news?
What is news? The kind of event that becomes news depends on several factors.
When did it happen? To be news it must be immediate and current. What happened? Was the event important? If so, it's news. How and where did it happen?
Who did it happen to, and what may happen as a result? The answers to all these questions make up what we call news.
What kind of stories make news? Accidents, murders, awful fires — do only sad events make news? It depends on what is happening on a particular day. At first glance it may seem that newspapers print more "bad" news than "good" news. On certain bad days that may be true, but if you look through a typical newspaper, you may be surprised at the amount of good news on its pages.
Events make news because they are out of the ordinary. To most people, a story that describes an unusual happening is far more interesting than one about what's happening and if an important event happens, it's news, good or bad.


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