Do we live to eat?
How much food do you think you will eat by the time you are seventy nine?
The average Frenchwoman, for example, will eat:

25 cows 9,000 litres of orange juice
40 sheep 6000 litres of mineral water
35 pigs 1.37 tonnes of apples
1,200 chickens 768 kg of oranges
2.07 tonnes of fish 430 bags of carrots
5.05 tonnes of potatoes 720 kg of tomatoes
30,000 litres of milk 1,300 lettuces
13,000 eggs Hundreds of packets of coffee,
50,000 loaves of bread sugar, spaghetti, etc
12,000 bottles of wine 8 kg of dirt

Delicious, isn't it? How many cows and pigs have you swallowed already?
Scientists say that we eat about half-a-ton of food a year — not counting drink!
Some people eat even more.
According to WHO (World Health Organization), Americans are the fattest people in the world. 55% of women and 63% of men over 25 are overweight or obese.
Britain has replaced Germany as Europe's most overweight nation.
Russia, the Czech Republic and Finland also have some of the heaviest people in Europe.
Even in such countries as France, Italy and Sweden, Europe's slimmest nations, people (especially women) are becoming fatter.
The epidemic is spreading!
So think twice before you start eating!

Last Updated (Friday, 19 February 2010 15:59)