Introducing Yourself (Моя визитная карточка)
Let me introduce myself. My name is Anne. My surname is Petrova. I am seventeen years old. My birthday is September 11. I 1ive in Saint Petersburg with my family. Our family is quite big: there are five of us — father, mother, brother, sister and me. We are a very united family.
I am a pupil in the eleventh form of a secondary school. I finish school this year. I want to enter the university. That is why I have to study twice as hard as an ordinary pupil does. I do not only do my best at school; I also attend a preparatory course at the university.
As you can understand, I'm rather a busy person. But when I have some free time in the evening, I like to read a good book. My favourite Russian writer is Anton Chekhov. As I'm studying English, I read a lot of books by English authors. I try to read them in English, but this is not always easy. When there is a good film on TV, I watch it with all my family. I also like music, classical as well as modern. I have a tape-recorder and I like to listen to some tapes when I am doing my homework, but my parents think it is bad for my work.
I have more free time during weekends. I like to spend this time with my family. Sometimes we all go to the cinema, or to some concert. In winter we go skiing or just walk in the country.
As I've said before, I plan to enter the university next year. I am quite good at English, and I am interested in the culture of Great Britain, USA and other English-speaking countries, so I want to go on with English at the University. I do not know exactly what I will do after graduating from the university, but I'm sure I'll find a good Job as an interpreter or a teacher or something like that, because the English language is very popular now and everybody needs it.

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