What does the future hold?
What does the future hold? What is our life going to be like in the 21st century?
Some people are rather optimistic about the future, others predict the end of the world.
Here is what pessimists say
• Our planet will be invaded by aliens. Those who survive will become their slaves.
• There will be a nuclear war and our planet will become uninhabitable.
• Atmospheric pollution will be so awful that people will have to live in underground cities.
• People will be replaced by robots. There will be more unemployed. Life will be harder.
• There will be more criminals. Terrorist groups will be more powerful. It will be dangerous to go out. People will be killed by remote control.
• Our simple pleasures will become a thing of the past. We'll take food in the form of capsules, tablets and pills.
Here is what optimists say
• People will be able to travel in space. They will be able to spend their holidays on other planets.
• We'll be stronger and healthier. Scientists will invent anti-ageing pills and people will live much longer than now.
• Air pollution will be stopped. Special underground pipes will carry smoke and fumes from factories to air-cleaning plants.
• Robots will do all the dangerous and dirty jobs. Our working hours will be shorter and our holidays will be longer.
• There will be no more wars, no more criminals. The world will become more democratic.
• Our daily life will become easier. Everything will be automated. We'll shop, pay our bills and even cook with the help of computers.

And what do you think of the future?

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