What will our life be like?
Can you imagine what our life will be like in the year 2050? What will our cities be like in the future? How will we live and behave? Will medical science win its battle against the terrible illnesses that mankind continues to suffer from?
If things go as researchers plan, by 2050 computers and Internet connections will be in every room in the home, and so will robots!
By 2010 most of us will be working on the move. Your office will be wherever you are. It'll be possible to have a virtual meeting instantly. Simply say to your computer "I want to have a meeting with my team at 11 o'clock" and they'll appear before your eyes on the screen of your wearable computer.
By 2025 we will have cars that drive themselves. By 2040 we could be driving on fully automated highways. Some scientists believe one day there will be flying cars, too.
Our power will come from sources cleaner than coal, oil and gas.
In the near future, progress in technology, electronics and genetic engineering will make it possible to regulate DNA. We'll become healthier and will be able to live longer.
In the next thirty years, we may all know someone who has travelled in space. Space travel is really expensive at the moment, but scientists are trying to find a solution.
"Fly me to the moon" may become a common demand, with package tours to lunar resorts.
By the end of the century we could travel to Mars as easily as we do to New York.
Mars could be the base for space exploration into the outer regions of the solar system and the Earth may even become a quieter planet

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