The world is getting fatter.
If you are young and fit, don't think this doesn't concern you. Teenagers, too, are getting fatter. Obesity rates in teens, according to experts, are doubling!
Surveys show that the favourite foods among teenagers both in Europe and the USA
• hamburgers (cheeseburgers, fishburgers, beefburgers, eggburgers ... in fact anythingburgers!)
• chips (they are called French fries in America)
• hot dogs
• pizzas
• ice-cream
Besides, young people watch too much TV. The average British teenager, for example, spends 27 hours a week in front of the "box", and nobody knows how much time he sits in front of the computer.
What will today's teenagers look like when they grow up? Imagine yourself as a lazy, fat old man or woman with eyes glued to the TV screen, hands down a packet of chips, munch-munch, staring at the glaring pictures. A real nightmare! But this is the danger hanging over your life!

Last Updated (Sunday, 21 February 2010 12:47)