Вариант 1

About Myself
My name is Pavel, my surname is Sokolov. I am fourteen years old. I was born on the 26-th of August, 1994. I am Russian. I was born in Vladimir. I like my native town very much. When I was a child, I went to a kindergarten. It was a time full of joy and games. Moreover I learnt how to draw, to cut out different animals of paper, to sing and to dance there. I got the first experience of friendship in the kindergarten.
At the age of 6 I went to school. Most of all I liked Math at my primary school. When I was eleven my parents moved to Moscow. We have lived in this city for 3 years already. My family is not very big: I have got a mother, a father and an elder sister.
I am a pupil. I study in the 9th form. I like studying. My favourite school subjects are Math, English and Physics. I haven’t decided yet whom I want to be. My future profession will be probably connected with Science. I enjoy reading scientific magazines.
My teachers and parents say that I am hard-working and clever. I don’t really think so. I try to be more organized and disciplined, but quite often I prefer to play football with my friends than to study. I adore football.
Also my hobby is music. My favourite music genre is rock music. I have a guitar and I learn to play the guitar with my daddy. I can say that I succeeded a bit and can play about 10 melodies. Sometimes I go to rock concerts with my daddy and I really enjoy it.

Вариант 2

My name is ... I am seventeen (sixteen, eighteen). I live in Moscow (Samara, Novgorod, Sochi...). My address is ... My telephone number is... I am tall (not very tall, short, middle-sized). I am thin (not very thin, rather fat). My face is round (square, oval). I have a fair (dark) complexion. My forehead is narrow (broad) and low (high). I have a straight (turned up, crooked, aquiline) nose and a protruding (round) chin. My eyebrows are bushy (penciled), my eyelashes are thick (thin) and long (short). I have large (small) blue (hazel, black, gray) eyes. My hair is black (fair, dark, blond, chestnut), straight (curly) and long (short, not very long). I have just left school and now I am going to enter the University (Institute). I am going to be a teacher (a lawyer). I like my future profession and I am going to do my best to become a good specialist. I live with my family. It is large (small, not very large) and very good. We love each other very much and always try to help each other and to spend as much time together as we can. I have a lot of friends too. I am fond of reading and playing computer games. My favorite sport is football (swimming, tennis, hockey). My friends and I often get together to play different games, to go for a walk or to the disco or simply to talk.

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