English traditions.
Every country and every nation has Its own traditions and customs. You cannot speak about England without speaking about Us traditions and customs. Englishmen are proud of their traditions and carefully keep them up.
The English are stay-at-home people. 'There is no place like home', they say. When they don't work they like to spend their days off at home with their families. Englishmen are very fond of chimneys, that's why many of them prefer the open fire to central heating. They like to live in small houses with a small garden. People all over the world know the saying "The Englishman's home is his castle". They say that English people keep to their traditions even in meals. Pomdge is the dish Englishmen are very fond of. Many of them eat porridge with milk and sugar for breakfast. As for the Scotch, for example, they never put sugar in their porridge, they always put salt in it.
By the way, breakfast time in Englandis between seven and nine. Then, between 12 and 2 there comes lunch tone. In some English houses lunch is the biggest meal of the day - they have meat or fish, vegetables, fruit or pudding. Some people who go out to work have sandwiches and coffee. In the afternoon, at tea-time the English like to have a cup of tea with milk. Some Englishmen have their dinner late in the evening. For dinner they have soup, fish or meat, vegetables, pudding or fruit. For supper they usually have agfass of milk and a cake or a cup of tea and a sandwich. The English are tea-drinkers. They have it many times a day. Some Englishmen have tea for breakfast tea in lunch time, tea after dinner, tea at tea-time and tea with supper. Some English families have "high tea" or big tea, and no supper. For high tea they may have cold meat bread and butter, cakes, and, of course, a lot of tea. The Englishmen always drink tea out cups, never out of glasses. Thеу usually think tea with milk.

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