There are many Hero-Cities in our country. Volgograd is one of them. It's a legendary city, because here in 1943 the Soviet Army won the great and glorious victory over the fascists. The fascist army wanted to capture Stalingrad, it was very important for them. Our soldiers defended the city for 200 days and nights. The city, was completely ruined, but it didn't give in. The German army lost more than a million soldiers and officers during the Stalingrad battle. Now Volgograd is a beautiful dry again. It stands on the banks of the great Russian river Volga. Every year thousands of tourists come to Volgograd. They want to visit the famous historical places or our city to honour the memory of those soldiers, who died here for the freedom of our country. The symbol of Volgograd is the Mamayev Hill. It was the centre of fighting dunng the heroic defence of Stalingrad. Now there is a great memorial there. Besides, there is the Stalingrad Battle Panorama Museum just on the bank of the Volga. Near this Museum we can see the ruined mill which was a command post during the battle. In the centre of Volgograd there is the Square of the Fallen Heroes. In the middle of it there is a granite obelisk and the common graves of the heroes of the Civil War and of the Great Patriotic War. At the foot of the memorial we can see the Eternal Flame. Now Volgograd is a big industrial city. There are many plants and factories there: big metallurgical works, tractor works, a lot of chemical enterprises, a shoe-making factory and others. Volgograd is a city of students. There are some institutes and one university and quite a number of schools, technical schools, colleges and gymnasiums there. Volgograd is a big cultural centre. There are some theatres there: a New Experimental theatre, a Musical Comedy theatre, a Puppet theatre, a Theatre of Young Spectators. There are quite a number of cinemas in Volgograd.

Купить диплом иногда просто необходимо, ведь огромное количество причин привело к тому, что диплом об образовании стал у нас обязательным условием приёма на работу во многих организациях.

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