No one knows Oxford's age. The city was first mentioned in 912. The city is famous for the university. Oxford University is over 800 years old. Today it consists of 35 independent colleges and 5 halls. It also has central libraries and laboratories.
There are some museums and art galleries in Oxford, too. For example, the Ashmolean Museum which is the oldest museum in Britain. It has a good collection of antiques, European paintings, sculptures and silver. In the Christ Picture Gallery you can see works of Italian painters from the 14-th to the 18-th century.
The Museum of the History of Science is the home to many scientific instruments of the 16-th century, collections of ancient chemical machines, watches and clocks and medical instruments.
Oxford is a very beautiful town with narrow streets, small shops and markets. Every year it attracts tourists from all over the world. They visit the famous university and get to know about students’ life in Oxford. I would love to go there one day to feel the atmosphere of this old educational centre of England.

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