Stratford-upon-Avon (Стратфорд на Эйвон)
The town is called Stratford-upon-Avon because it stands on the river Avon. This town is very much popular with tourists. This is because William Shakespeare, the greatest English dramatist and writer, was born and brought up there. Stratford is small, but it has a lot of places of interest. Among them is the house where Shakespeare was born. Nowadays this is a museum which has a big exhibition illustrating Shakespeare's life and work.
New Place is the house where William Shakespeare spent his last years and died. Ann Hathaway's Cottage attracts tourists too, because this is the house of Shakespeare's wife. The Holy Trinity Church is the place where the Shakespeares are buried.
The Butterfly Farm is a wonderful place with ponds, streams and waterfalls. Different exotic flowers grow up there. The Insect City has a large collection of spiders and other insects that are kept in glass cages.
The Teddy Bear Museum houses a great collection of bears from all over the world.

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