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British Sports (Спорт в Великобритании)
Sport plays a very important role for the British. Many of them spend their leisure time playing outdoor and indoor games, cycling, mountain climbing, boxing, etc. The national sports of Great Britain are: football, golf, lawn tennis, table tennis, racing and darts.
There are two kinds of football in Britain. They are soccer and rugby. Soccer is the traditional football, which is played in many other countries in the world. Rugby appeared in 1895 at Rugby School. It differs from soccer. For example, rugby players may carry the oval ball during the match. It is played in teams of 15 men.
Golf, which is one of the most popular kinds of sport in Britain, originated in Scotland. Golf is mostly played by well-off people, which is different from cricket. This game is played in schools, universities and colleges. Nobody knows exactly how old this game is, but some form of cricket was played in England in the 13 century.
Wimbledon Championship in lawn tennis is world famous. It takes place in the town of Wimbledon in summer. People come to the stadium to watch the game and many of them watch it on television.
The British are fond of racing and its different kinds. Horse racing, dog racing, boat racing and motor racing are among the most popular kinds of sport in Britain. The most famous boat race takes place in England and it is between Oxford and Cambridge Universities.
There are also very exotic kinds of sport for the rich, such as fox-hunting or just hunting. But many people are against them now because these kinds of sport mean killing animals. This sport was very popular with English Kings.
All people in Great Britain are fond of sports and go in for sport regularly.

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British Sports (Спорт в Великобритании)
The British are known to be great sports-lovers, so when they are neither playing, nor watching games, they like to talk about them. Many of the games we play now have come from Britain.
One of the most British games is cricket. It is often played in schools, colleges, universities and by club teams all over the country. Summer isn't summer without cricket. To many Englishmen cricket is both a game and a standard of behaviour. When they consider anything unfair, they sometimes say: "That isn't cricket."
But as almost everywhere else in the world, the game which attracts the greatest attention is Association football, or soccer. Every Saturday from late August till the beginning of May, large crowds of people support their favourite sides in football grounds. True fans will travel from one end of the country to the other to see their team play. There are plenty of professional and amateur soccer clubs all over Britain. International football matches and the Cup Finals take place at Wembley.
Rugby football is also very popular, but it is played mainly by amateurs.
Next to football, the chief spectator sport in British life is horse-racing. A lot of people are interested in the races and risk money on the horse which they think will win. The Derby is perhaps the most famous single sporting event in the whole world.
Britain is also famous for motor-car racing, dog-racing, boat-racing, and even races for donkeys. The famous boat-race between the teams of Oxford and Cambridge attracts large crowds of people.
A great number of people play and watch tennis. Tennis tournaments at Wimbledon are known all over the world. The innumerable tennis courts of Britain are occupied by people between the ages of 16 and 60 who show every degree of skill — from practically helpless to the extremely able.
The British also like to play golf, baseball, hockey, grass-hockey. Various forms of athletics, such as running, jumping, swimming, boxing are also popular. You can sometimes hear that there are no winter sports in England. Of course the English weather is not always cold enough to ski, skate, or toboggan, but winter is a good season for hunting and fishing. Indeed, sport in one form or another is an essential part of daily life in Britain.

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