Вариант 1

My Friends
I think that friendship is one of the most precious things in our life. Friends help us to enjoy our life and to overcome hardships. I don’t have lots of friends, but my friends are people whom do I trust and whom I really love. My best friend is my classmate Nikita. He is fourteen. He is a tall boy with an oval face and green eyes. His hair is short and dark brown. Nikita lives not far from my house. We usually go to school, play computer games and go for a walk together. I like spending my time with Nikita because we understand each other very well. We have lots of similar interests.
Nikita is fond of sports like me. His favourite winter sport is skiing. At weekends we go to a nearby park and ski together. In summer we cycle and play football in the yard.
We both like the same music and that really unites us. We discuss our favourite music bands and their works every day on the way home.
I have other friends, too. Dima is not my classmate, he is older. He studies in the 10-th form. He plays the guitar very well and writes songs himself. He also has a huge collection of CD-s. I and Nikita like to visit him and to listen to his songs. Moreover sometimes he helps us with our homework.
I think that my friends are very cool and I am happy to have them.

Вариант 2

My Friend
My best friend's name's Nick. We made friends a few years ago. We are of the same age. We live in the same block of flats, so we see each other almost every day.
Nick is a tall slender boy. He has got dark hair, large dark eyes, a straight nose and thin lips. He wears spectacles. He is a nice guy. He is very honest and just, understanding and kind. I trust him a lot and I'm sure that I can rely on him in any situation. He never lets people down. Nick is only 19 but he is very responsible — he finishes whatever he starts. He's got only one shortcoming - he is a bit stubborn. Nevertheless he is pleasant to deal with.
Nick's an only child and his parents love him very much. His father is a lawyer. He is the most brilliant man I've ever met. He knows everything there's to know about the law. His mother is a music teacher. No wonder Nick is so talented. He's got a very good ear for music. He likes jazz and plays the piano very well.
We spend a lot of time together. We often watch video or listen to music.
Sometimes we go to the cinema or to the theatre, or walk around the centre of Moscow, visiting small cafes, museums, art galleries, shops. We talk for hours about all sorts of things (politics, love, teachers, girls). We discuss films, television programmes, books.
I never quarrel with Nick. But if there's some misunderstanding between us we try to make peace as soon as possible. What I like best about him is that he is always willing to help and share his knowledge, thoughts and feelings. I respect him for his fairness, strong will, intellect and modesty.
I miss Nick when we don't see each other for a long time. Without him I would feel lonely and uncomfortable. Our friendship helps me to feel strong and sure of myself.

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