Alexander Bell (1847-1922) Александр Бэлл
Alexander Graham Bell was the inventor of the telephone. He was born in Scotland in 1874. Bell entered the University of Edinburgh and became a teacher. Later he decided to become a doctor and he entered the medical department at the University of London.
Then Bell left for the USA and studied sounds there. An idea of inventing a special machine for deaf people occurred to him. Working on this machine he invented the telephone in 1876. At first the telephone was not popular with the public, but after a big campaign it became famous in America. Bell started the Bell Telephone Company to produce telephones.
Alexander Bell also improved the telegraph which could send more than one message at a time. Later he gave up his business and spent his money on other scientific research. He also founded the National Geographic Society in 1888.
Bell died in 1922 in Canada respected both in Britain and the USA.

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