Robert Burns (1759-1796) Роберт Бернс
Robert Burns, a well-known Scottish poet, was born in 1759 into a poor family of a farmer. He was the eldest child of the seven in the family. Robert's mother knew a lot of folk tales and she used to tell them to the children. At the age of six Burns went to school because his father wanted him to be an educated person. The boy liked reading and read a lot. William Shakespeare was his favourite writer. When Robert was fifteen he started writing poems about common people and things around him.
Later he organized a society for young people where they could discuss different problems. After his father's death, Robert had to work a small farm, but then he sold it and became an officer. At the age of twenty-seven Burns published his book of poems called Poems.
He also wrote the words of the song Auld Lang Syne, the song which the Scots sing on New Year's Day. Robert Bums died in 1796 in poverty, but people all over the world know and love his poetry. Scottish people all over the world celebrate his birthday on January 25, called Burns Night.

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