My Scary Story.
Many people are afraid of the darkness when they are young.  Several years ago when I was a little kid, I was afraid of the darkness too.  It was very difficult for me to sleep alone in the dark room. I couldn’t fall asleep for several hours without problem. Only if  I was tired I could sleep easily. 
Once my cousin  went to visit me, his parents went away from  the town and  he was suppose to stay at my home.  I was tired and went to bed   but he didn’t want to sleep and watched TV.  I fell asleep and it seemed to me that I slept several hours then I was awoke with the scary crunch.  I looked over room and saw terrible shadow which was coming from open doors of the cupboard. I was shocked I even couldn’t say anything  for several instants, then I  screamed and tried to run away. When I made away, I heard a laugh behind me. Of course as it turned out to be it was my cousin, after he had watched almost every TV programs he decided to scare me. He wore  my father’s  old coat  and  occulted in the cupboard.  Of course,  my cousin scared me, but I stopped afraid darkness at all since then.     

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