What are the recent changes in the attitude towards family in Russia
Since the advent of market economy in Russia the attitude towards family has changed in many ways.
For many years family relationships have been considered to be the strongest relationships among people. People who were trying to find a new family or live alone were supposed to be a strange people. A men or women who left the former family was even considered to be a rascally fellow. That’s why many Russians were afraid of leaving their former families and continued to live together even if they didn’t like each other.
Living together without marriage was also not approved.
Today the picture has changed completely. It’s normal today for Russians to divorce and find a new family.  Many people today live together without marriage and it’s also considered normal.  Many Russians even live alone and they aren’t supposed to be a strange people. The attitude towards family in Russia has changed so much  for the last decade because we become more democratic and independent.


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