About My Childhood
When I was a little bit younger  I live in a small town far away from the capital. I almost had no problems because I was young and all that surrounded me seemed to me very interesting and exiting. During the vacation in high school I used to go the country to visit  my cousin, who lived in  village in the heart of  taiga. My cousin knew almost everything about nature, he was also great authority for me in any fields. Whenever I asked him about something, he could answer me. My cousin and me  walked a lot during my staying in the country.  We went to the savage forest  and I still remember those fascinating times. Once after we had already walked for a long time  we found small lake, we were tired and lied on the ground to relax. We lied several minutes then we heard strange noise. I tried to get up but my cousin stopped me and pointed out to the strange shadow. I examined it and understood that it was a deer, a real wild deer. He came to drink some water from the lake and he seemed didn’t see us.  The deer looked very attractive; after he drank he disappeared in the forest.  I never saw wild deer so close and I liked it very much.

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