Going Out   
Whenever I have free time I like to wander about Vladivostok. I’m used to walking around the city since early childhood. That’s why I know a lot of interesting places to visit. Today for many citizens Vladivostok is not so beautiful as it used to be. Most places of interest, which were extremely popular two-three years ago, don’t attract our attention, because they became everyday occurrence for most of us.
The latest thing of our city became new generation’s movie theatres. Now they attract cluster of spectators. It can be easily explained.  Today’s movie theatres have a lot of merits.   
First, when you enter a theatre you face with the cosy and warm atmosphere. Today’s movie theatres in addition to showing a film provide you with ample opportunities for refreshment. For instance you may have a bite or drink a cup of tea or coffee in a convenient cafeteria inside of a movie theatre. You also may play video games, which are usually situated in the hall of a movie theatre. You may even buy licensed videocassettes with just shown movies. Also you can buy soundtracks for these movies on CDs and audiocassettes.  
Second, in today’s movie theatres personnel is always young and affable. They always help you and answer your question. It also helps you feel comfortable and enjoy atmosphere of refreshment. 
Third, today our movie theatres are more technically advanced than they were ten and even five years ago. Now with the help of Dolby Digital System we can enjoy stereo effects while watching a show.  Next advantage of new generation’s movie theatres is wide screen. These advantages of new movie theatres create illusion of your personal participation in the film. 
In Vladivostok there are many places to visit but today movie theaters are the most popular places for going out among people of all ages.

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