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Sports and competition in Britain.
The English are great lovers of sport; and they are neither playing
nor waching games, they like to talk about them. However, there is
important thing about sport in Britain which we must know. Today, an big
sports is professional and famous players can make a lot of money.
Lat's take Football for example. It is the most popular team game in
Britain. It is played in most of the schools, and there are thousands of
amatur teams for young man in all parts of the country. But for most of
the public, football is a professionals games which is watched on
saturday afternoons at the stadiym.

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Sports and competition in Britain.
Think of your favourite sport. Whatever it is, there is a good chance that it was first played in Britain, and an even better chance that its modern rules were first codified in Britain. The public schools of the Victorian era believed that organized competitive games had many psychological benefits. These games appealed to, and developed, the British sense of "fair play". You had to be a "good loser". To be a cheat was shameful, but to lose was just "part of the game". Team games were best, because they developed "team spirit".
Modem sport in Britain is very different. "Winning isn't everything" and "it's only a game" are still well-known sayings, but to modern professionals, sport is clearly not just a game. These days, top players in any sport talk about having a "professional attitude" and doing their "job" well, even if, officially, their sport is still an amateur one.
Sport probably plays a more important part in people's lives in Britain than it does in most other countries. For a very large number, this is especially true for men, it is their main form of entertainment. Millions take part in some kind of sport at least once a week. Many millions more are regular spectators and follow one or more sports. There are hours of televised sport each week. Every newspaper, national or local, quality or popular, devotes several pages entirely to sport.
Sometimes the traditions which accompany an event can seem as important as the actual sporting contest. Wimbledon, for instance, is not just a tennis tournament. It means summer fashions, strawberries and cream, garden parties and long, warm English summer evenings.
Many of such events have become world-famous. Therefore, it is not only the British who tune in to watch. The Grand National, for example, attracts a television audience of 300 million. The cup finals of other countries often have better quality and more entertaining football on view — but more Europeans watch the English Cup Final than any other. The standard of British tennis is poor, and Wimbledon is only one of the world's major tournaments. But if you ask any top tennis player, you find that Wimbledon is the one they really want to win. Every footballer in the world dreams of playing at Wembley, every cricketer in the world of playing at Lord's.
Wimbledon, Wembley and Lord's are the "spiritual homes" of their respective sports.
Sport is a British export!

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