My Hobbies and Pastime (Мое хобби и времяпровождение)
Hobby is what people really like to do and do in their free time. People have very different hobbies that correspond to their interests.
One of the most popular hobbies is collecting different things. Some people collect badges and stamps, some people collect bottles or flowers. There are people who collect paintings or cars.
I collected pocket flashlights when I was at primary school. I have a collection of about fifteen flashlights. I remember I used to hang them on the walls and to put on the bookshelves in the evening. I switched on all of them at the same time and was very excited because of this unusual light.
Making things with hands is another type of hobbies. This includes drawing, knitting, painting, handicraft and others. For example, my granny is fond of knitting. All over the year she knits socks and scarves for everybody in our family. Playing computer games has become a very popular hobby nowadays. Lots of my friends are addicted to their computers. My parents don’t allow me to play a lot, so I can’t say that this is my hobby.
My major hobby is volleyball. I attend sport school 3 times a week. We have 2 and half hours of training. I usually get very tired after it but this sport game gives a great pleasure to me.
I also like listening to music. I have a big collection of CDs with different kinds of music. My favourite genres of music are rock and reggae. I also have some favourite singers and I collect information about them.
Now I want to talk about ways of spending free time. I think that hobbies and pastime are connected with each other because you do whatever you like in your free time. As for me I go to sport school during the week so at the week-ends I mostly go out with my friends. We like to go to park. Sometimes we roller-skate there, sometimes just walk and eat some ice-cream. I think that it’s very good just to walk and listen to birds singing. I like to be close to nature.
In the evenings I like to read. I like to spend a couple of hours with a new interesting book.

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