My Favourite Writer (Мой любимый писатель).
I believe that books are one of the greatest wonders in the world. Books are the way to live hundreds of lives and to have thousands of adventures being at home. The work of my fantasy and imagination while reading is what makes me happy. I started reading myself at 5 years old. But first books that impressed me deeply were read to me by my mother. These are fairy tales of Christian Andersen and forest short stories of Vitalij Bianki.
If somebody asks me about my favourite writer I won’t probably find the answer. Every book that I read becomes the best one for me for the time of reading. Usually I try to read the books of one author one by one. In such a way I can understand his thoughts, images, ideas and the writing manner better.
At the moment I become acquainted with the works of John Fowles. John Fowles is an English novelist and essayist, master of layered story-telling, illusionism, and purposefully ambiguous endings. His first novel, and the first that I read, “The Collector” , is a study of a clerk who is psychologically impelled to kidnap and murder. “The French Lieutenant’s Woman” is a “Victorian” novel that has three endings. It reflects contemporary self-consciousness about nineteenth-century England and the form of the novel itself. I really enjoyed the works of John Fowles and for the time being I am going to start his book “The Magus”.

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