The role of Mass Media.
Mass Media (that is press, television and radio) play an important role in the life of society. They inform, educate and entertain people. They also influence the way people look at the world, in other words, mass media shape public opinion. No doubt, millions of people watch televisions programs every day, including the daily program “Time”. The program informs us about the latest political, culture, art, sport and other events in our country and in the world. Of course, one can learn news and some other information from newspapers. An American humorous writer once said: “ All I know is what I see in the papers”.
On the radio we can hear music plays, news and various commentaries and discussions, called forums. At a form several authorities exchange and political problems (as well as on books at common interest). A number of side are represented so, that the listeners can hear various opinions. Such brood-casts are popular with listeners.
As for me, I like to watch TV programs better than to read newspapers or to hear radio. Most of all I like TV program “ Oh, lucky beggar!”, because this program is very interesting and cognitive, I learn a lot of interesting things from this TV program.

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